Wednesday, January 26, 2011

They Would Live Here - Alicia (Intro)

I am adding a new series to get my creative juices flowing and to give you guys a look into what I can do. Over my blogging break last month I spent time thinking of ways to get more of my design work on this blog. Since all the projects I am working on now are in the super early stages it was starting to look like it was going to be awhile before I could get anything concrete on here.

So, I decided to make up clients instead. The series, called "They Would Live Here" will be comprised of me finding a photograph of someone (someone I don't know) and then designing a space based on the way they look. Fictional client, but still somewhat of the process I would go through after meeting a client except I can't talk to them. This would also be similar to an online design client as well...but maybe the opposite of speaking with them and not seeing them.

So, my first client is here:

I decided to give myself a bit of a running start on this one since it's the intro and had Crate & Barrel begin the design for me. Their add campaign - It's So You (which I love love love), has paired a person with a piece of furniture in their line. The photos were taken by Scott Schuman himself and Crate & Barrel has done a great job pairing the person with their furniture.

So, without further ado here is the room I came up with for Alicia (yep, had to give her a name):

So, Alicia looks tough but she loves feminine objects and colors as well. Living in NYC, Alicia wanted her living room to be calming and serene...but also have an edge. She loves to juxtapose the look of sleek pieces (the leather chairs) with somewhat feminine pieces. She loves modern art. The more freestyle, the better. She also loves black but wanted to soften it with calming pastels that let out a bit of her feminine side. Overall she wanted a pulled together room that reflected the opposites in her personality and didn't appear too stuffy or stale.


I am hoping that I can get one of these done every other week. If anything it will keep me on my toes and using my designer brain. Let me know what you guys think. Yay? Nay? Everyone else is already doing this? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Images: Crate&Barrel, Board Design by Lissa Pierce
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