Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year.....New Everything!

Happy New Year!!!
It's great to be back after some very busy weeks before the holidays and a great Christmas break.

I had the most wonderful past week (after a couple of very hectic ones)! Tons of relaxation, tons of food, and tons of quality time with family and friends. I'm not gonna lie when I tell you people thought something was wrong with me because I slept so much. I guess my body was trying to tell me I gave it what it wanted!

Now that I'm all rested up I am rearing and ready to conquer 2011! While I had my week break from work, and all computer related anything, I made tons of lists for the new year. Lists just work for me and help me visualize everything....does this work for anyone else? I made business lists, staying healthy lists, getting organized get the picture. I have so many wishes and ideas to make 2011 a fabulous year.

I also took a long hard look at the past year to determine what was great, and what didn't work that well. I even re-read my entire blog one day while we were all just sitting around (okay so one tiny computer related thing). Golly Day! I am such a bummer! Practically every other post was about how tired I was or how I had way too many things to do and couldn't wait for the weekend to get there. Reality Check! It's so weird to go back and read what you have written en really get a true look at yourself. Anyone else done this? I highly recommend it if you haven't done it before.

There will be some definite changes here at bummer'ville and I hope that I can shake that whole feeling here asap! I have plans for some new weekly features, showing about the projects I am working on (and actually completing some personal projects), and also about how I am completely inspired by the history, and principles of design in general. We will also be moving soon! To a new web address and new blog/website that is. I am still getting that all worked out and have given myself an internal deadline (still internal at this point so I can work some things out with my web master....yep, that's what I'll call him). It's all part of the bigger plan to get my business moving! I have had an actual business license since 2004 and it's about time I get up and do something with it.

And speaking of husband and I are moving too! And I'm talking houses this time. So, I have a whole new place to put a fresh set of eyes on. That means more projects in my near future. And the fun part starts when we get rid of practically everything that we have! That's right, all new stuff!!! We have made a pact that if we don't like it, it doesn't move with that's a good way to start out the new year organized.

Whew.....that does seem like a lot, and some of you may be thinking....."good luck with all that". But I can't be a watcher's time to be a doer!

So, here's to a fabulous 2011......hope you guys are as ready as I am!

Image: Mimou via Decor8
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