Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Must Have

So I'm sure this is nothing new since I think everyone's mind falls to calendars at some point at the start of the year. Hopefully you are not like me and you already have all of yours lined up and ready to go!

That's not the case here I'm afraid.....I have yet to buy any calendars for 2011. I don't even have my new planner pages ordered yet for my day planner (hmmm...on the list for today I guess).

Usually I have a small hanging calendar in my stocking at Christmas from my mom but this year I guess she didn't get them in there. I love just having something pretty to hang on my bulletin board for a quick glance at the days. This is the one I will be ordering......

I first saw it on Shelterrific a couple of months back. I guess I should have ordered it then and I would have been one of those people on top of things.

I love the size and the simplicity...a quick glance gives you the days. And, I can also see myself using the watercolors sans calendar dates and frame them later.

How about you....got your calendars all lined up?

Image: Flora Douville
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