Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Contrast In Styles: Martha Stewart Project Decorate

Okay, so I know that these images have been floating around blog land and that posting these doesn't really fall under the "original content" category, but I can't stop looking at these two rooms done by Martha Stewart decor editors Kevin Sharkey and Rebecca Robertson......

I lean more towards liking Rebecca's room more because it is more my style and I love how bright and colorful it is. But, you can't deny Kevin's amazing ability to mix patterns and create an extremely cozy feeling room. What I do love about both rooms is their ability to mix high and low elements and coming out with gorgeous spaces in the end!

I just love the yellow and orange combination Rebecca used here. And I love that the main furnishings, like the sofa and bookcases, are white and fresh feeling.

The wardrobes and art create such an amazing focal point behind the sofa. I love that the art ties the whole room together. Amazingly enough, the bookcases are from Ikea and Rebecca dressed up the doors with radiator grills. What a great way to add some personalization to box store pieces all while still getting a hint of what's inside.

Rebecca said she started the entire color scheme off of the Picasso inspired tapestry she found years before. This is a great piece and works perfectly there framed by the windows. She also added more architectural details to the room using the radiator grill material again as window shutters and some unfinished baluster material that was cut, painted, and then attached to the wall. Such a great wainscot detail!!!! Lots of different patterns here but they all work beautifully together because they are all different scales and are the same color. I also love the white trim she used to add some oomph to that lamp would have been lost otherwise.

Now on to Kevin's Room:

Amazing layering of patterns here....perfection actually! He took patterns in all different scales and styles yet married them together using color as the unifying element. Like I said before, this isn't my style but I still love it.

That amazing large scale vine floral looks amazing on that screen! I also love that he added wicker pieces to the mix which he says were something he took from his days working for Sister Parish. Cute Camels too!

Then to turn things up a notch he took the same vine floral on the screen and popped it up on the ceiling! I am loving this. Could you imagine how boring it would be if he kept the ceiling white? I don't think the room would have the same impact! I also love that he used a larger scale check on the walls.

Kevin added architectural elements through built-ins. Which were bought unfinished and then painted. He bought them as stock bookshelves and then added the base and mouldings to give them a custom look. Easy way to add something special to a room with no architectural details.

Both amazing spaces and so different! You can actually vote for your favorite here and see a video about the whole process. So, which is your favorite?

Images: Martha Stewart

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