Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Inspiration for Our New Home

Since we are moving soon I have been spending time looking through all my image files for "new place" inspiration. Just like a new project, I start out getting myself inspired on what I want the space to feel and look like.

I definitely am inspired by bright and colorful spaces this go around (maybe because the place we are in now is a bit too dark for my taste). And since we are selling/donating the majority of our furniture before we move, this leaves us with a somewhat blank slate to start with. Yeah, new stuff! I haven't really honed in on specifics yet, but these images get me thinking about the style we want for the new space.

I can't wait to get moving and start with projects in the new house. I have some ideas I still want to use from the old place that never got completed and also a whole slew of new ideas! Right now though we are busy organizing, packing, and getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff we don't need/want to move. That is enough to keep us busy till moving day!

Images: Lindsey Bond, Unknown, Kimberly Cornelison via Design Sponge, Carrier & Company Elle Decor, Timothy Whealon Elle Decor, LaSeur Interiors
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