Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Pause

So, I have to take a break. I don't want to but I know it's in my best interest to do so.

My work load has tripled at my job and there is no way I am even close to keeping up. I will unfortunately be putting in insane overtime hours the next couple of weeks so I will have no time to do any of the wonderful things I love. Blogging, reading, and just all around weekend laziness will have to be put on hold for a bit so I can get all these looming deadlines out the door.

Although unlikely, I may post on a couple of things if I have time but for the most part I will not be able to. You can stay updated if I happen to stop back in by adding me to your reader or even subscribing via e-mail. You can do both via the sidebar to the left. I hate to step away at this wonderful time but it's an absolute must. I will definitely be back in full force for the new year.

 I would also like to say thank you to all of you that stop by and read After Adornment. I know we are all busy people and it truly makes my day when I receive your wonderful comments and e-mails. When I started this blog back in May I never dreamed that anyone would actually read it! I have had the pleasure of connecting with so many great people through this blog and have loved every minute so far. I know that by the time I am done with this break I will be more than itching to get back into the swing of things!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays with your family and friends!

Until later...I sign off for now.

As a side note I will be attending the Lavish conference this weekend here in Atlanta. I am very excited to meet some of you in person after months of online chatter. And, I will be attending Julie's blogger gathering next week. If you haven't checked out her blog Milk and Honey Home, you must! Julie has amazing taste and she and her friend Anisa have recently started up their own design biz....great things to be found here and I can only imagine what's in store for them in 2011!

Images: Via Mary Ruffle, Via We Heart It
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