Monday, November 1, 2010

Two Years And Counting

Did everyone have a good Halloween weekend? We spent the weekend relaxing and not much else. For the past couple of years we really haven't jumped on the Halloween bandwagon. No costumes and no pumpkins, but we get some candy in case kids happen to ring the doorbell (4 total the past 2 years).

Not trying to be a grumps about the holiday but we just haven't been into it lately. Maybe next year.

We do however celebrate our anniversary! Two years ago today we were married here in Atlanta at the Fernbank Museum. So, I guess Halloween ends up being overshadowed. This year we celebrated with a fabulous dinner out. It seems like it has been way more than two years! Here are a few pics of our special day.....

Tonight we also have a special dinner planned at home. My sister who is a chef is going to have dinner ready for us when we both get home from work tonight! I am excited to see what she has made, and I know it's gonna be good. Dinner and some champagne and the celebration will be complete. A toast to many, many, many happy years to come!

Images: Beth Furgurson and Sarah Dorio
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