Wednesday, November 3, 2010

To Carpet or Not To Carpet?

My husband and I had a conversation recently about the use of carpet in a home. Mainly about if we would ever do wall to wall carpet in our home.

Wall to Wall With a Statement

He says absolutely not!, but if he had his way we may not have area rugs either. My stance was and always has been dependant on the situation (though I tend to lean more towards area rugs). I enjoy having soft surfaces to step on. Especially in the bedroom! I hate stepping onto hardwood floors when I get out of bed. They are always dreadfully cold and that is just not the kind of surprise I want first thing in the morning. To be honest I most likely don't even want to get out of bed in the first place.  We actually have hardwoods throughout our house with area rugs in each room. I call this the landing pad scenario. The spaces you stop at are soft underfoot and the spaces you move through are just exposed wood.

Nothing At All?

So, back to the wall to wall. I grew up with wall to wall carpet in my bedroom. I didn't mind it then and I don't actually mind it now. I think if wall to wall is used then bedrooms and maybe cozy dens are the spaces to do it. I especially like it when the carpet is actually part of the design scheme. I actually think making a statement with carpet in the right room is always a good thing. I also enjoy the look of a low pile carpet (like sisal or berber) with an area rug on top to define an area.

Perfectly Part of The Scheme

Then there is the maintenance side of the issue. Do you really have less dust bunnies if you have all carpet? (Please do tell....because our dust bunnies are huge and this may solve the problem). Is it easier to just get the carpet cleaned every once and awhile than to keep wood floors looking new and shiny (if you choose to want to keep them that way) on a regular basis? Does one work better for animals than the other? I have heard many a pet owner complain about hardwoods and their active dogs wreaking havoc on them. Oh, and kids! I am always thinking carpet is needed in rooms where kids get rowdy.

Landing Pads from Space to Space

What are your thoughts? Do you have wall to wall carpet anywhere? Love the look? Hate It? Inquiring minds would love to know.....

Images: Christina Murphy, Atlanta Homes Magazine, Domino, Unknown
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