Friday, November 19, 2010

Some ME Time

Does anyone know why there are only two days to the weekend and five for the work week? Who came up with that?! Can we make some changes so things are a bit more proportionate?

Another week has flown by and I am left standing here like a train just rushed by...really you should see my crazy hair today. This year has gone by so fast and when I look back I see that I have accomplished so much. Mostly small things but they all add up to the big picture! I can't believe it is already time for Thanksgiving!!!!!

I am so ready for a restful weekend. This will be the first one in awhile where I don't have to work on any projects for work or my outside clients. I can devote the entire weekend to ME! I am so very looking forward to it. It all starts tonight.....pajamas, comfort food, and girly movies! My husband is going to a concert so I have the whole place to myself.

Hope everyone else has a great weekend planned. These are some pictures of that huge tree in our front yard I talked about a couple of weeks ago. I was so worried the leaves wouldn't turn yellow like previous years.....but it came through and now we have a blanket of yellow leaves covering our yard! My ME weekend will NOT include any raking :)

Have a good one!

Images: Me
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