Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Round or Rectangle?

In the dining room of your dreams would you prefer a round table or a rectangular one??????

I think there are arguments for both sides. Round sparks conversation that everyone can be a part of. Rectangular has the ability to hold more people with the addition of leaves. It depends on the room. In this case it's your dream room so you can work around the table......so what would you pick?

I am a round person. I love round tables because of the conversation aspect. The cozy small dinner party feel, and the fact that there is no head of the table. Everyone is equal and has the same experience (well so to speak). We have a 60" round now and someday, in my dream dining room, I would love to have a 72" or even a custom 90". Then we could have up to 12 people comfortably. Ahhh that would be wonderful.

What is your preference?

Images: Unknown, John Saladino, Stephen Shubel, Veranda, Nate Burkus/Elle Decor, Jennifer Dyer
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