Friday, November 5, 2010

Opulence and Then Some

I came across the recent exhibition (still going on actually) by Takashi Murakami in the Château de Versailles. Talk about contrasts of style!

The exhibit places various sculpture and art pieces by Murakami throughout the interior of Versailles and also in the gardens as well. I know it seems strange but I actually think this is an amazing place to place these pieces. Normally one would see these pieces in galleries and this almost gives tribute to the overly opulent Versailles. Think of it as art with a lot going on in a space with a lot going on.
Now, this is coming from someone who has already been to Versailles. I am not sure what I would think if it were my first trip and there were these larger than life, eccentric art sculptures all over the place. I guess I would just have to see it in person. Maybe it would be like killing two birds with one stone....two exhibits in one.
It is however known that some people are unimpressed with these pieces being at Versailles. The New York Times wrote this article about the disapproval of Prince Sixte-Henri de Bourbon-Parme, an descendant of Louis XIV. He has even asked for a court order to have the exhibit removed.
I can see where some may be appalled by the whole idea but it is a temporary exhibit so it's not there forever. I think that this exhibit achieves what many in the art and design world are striving for. The perfect mix. And though this is a mix of somewhat polar opposites I feel that its is pushing boundaries for what people expect. I say somewhat because both elements have one main aspect in common. They are both great examples of more is more!
So what do you think? Would you like seeing this exhibit in this setting? Too much over top of too much?
Oh, and if you are unfamiliar with Murakami you may recognize his collaboration with LV.

***Hope everyone has fabulous plans for the weekend. Nothing much going on here. Just some quality time at home, working on some projects, and hopefully making lots of soup. Have a great one and I will see you back here next week!***

Images: Chateau deVersailles
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