Thursday, October 7, 2010


People always ask me what I start with when I begin to design a room from scratch. I have some go to room elements that always help me pull a room together.

Area Rugs

Area rugs are always a great starting point. Especially if they have a prominent color scheme to pull from. Patterns can be reflected elsewhere in the room, and the style can be a great jumping off point.

A Great Fabric or Wallcovering

An amazing fabric or wallcovering can be an entire scheme. Not only can you pull colors and styles from them, but you can use them as the main focal point of a room. When a large scale pattern is used as the main focal point it is then easy to just pull the colors from that to coordinate in the room.


Art is my last main go to element to pull a scheme from. If a client of mine has a piece of art they love then we start from there. Not only does it provide a color pallet that the person already likes, but then their prized possession works perfectly and is a focal point of the room.

When you design a room do you have any jumping off points you like to use?????

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