Friday, October 15, 2010

Some Food Festival News and Weekend Plans

Last night my husband and I attended the opening event for the new Atlanta Food and Wine Festival, slated to take place in Midtown Atlanta on May 19-22, 2011.

The dinner was an upscale barbecue with all the food prepared by some of Atlanta's top chefs. I wish I was smart enough to take a picture of my plate before I demolished it. All the food was amazing!!!!! Only a small tidbit of what is to come at the festival I am sure.

Dinner Under the Tent

The festival will be centered around Southern cuisine and Southern Chefs. They already have quite a list compiled from all over the southern states.....from DC to Texas to Florida, and everything in between! The setup will be similar to the Food&Wine Classic in Aspen with a full weekend of lectures, tastings, and demos by amazing chefs from all over the country.

Some Party Details

My husband is the foodie between the two of he is more than stoked about this say the least. He is excited that Atlanta is finally going to be recognized as a major food city! I mean, we do have some great restaurants here.
Tickets for the event go on sale TODAY and there are many different package offerings.....from VIP to regular. Either way you go there will be amazing food all weekend long!

Party Details

In other news.....
The weekend is finally here!!!!!! and boy am I happy about that.
This has been one crazy week. I feel like it was two weeks packed into one! Hotel design has it's up and downs....and this was definitely an up week.

I can't wait to get this weekend started and we are starting it out with some chili, blankets, and live music. The Eagles have landed...literally in my back yard (um..Piedmont Park). We can hear the music from our front porch as if we were sitting in the front row. Best way to "hear" a concert is crowd free from the comfort of your own front porch (and your own bathroom)!

The rest of the weekend we plan to spend working on some projects around the house. We have some work to do in the office, and to get the place ready for my in-laws to visit next weekend. We should be busy the whole time but I do hope we get some relaxation in there at some point.

Any great weekend plans for you? Working on any home projects? Either way, I hope everyone has a great one!

Images: Me - and sorry they are so dark
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