Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On The Hunt {Warm and Cozy Blankets}

I am always under a blanket if I am at home. Even in the summer with the air conditioning I am under a blanket. I can't help it...if I am sitting or lounging, there is a blanket covering me.

Lately I have taken stock of the throws and blankets that are strewn about our home (not kidding here...I have tons). Most are starting to look a little tattered because they are so well used loved. This means I am on the hunt for some new cozy covers to replace the sad tattered ones. Even better that it is getting cooler outside so blankets and throws seem to be on everyone's mind. Here are some that I am considering......

I love how this one is so simple, machine washable, and has nice serene colors.

This could be my go-to blanket for this winter. It looks sooooo soft!

I love all the color choices on this one. It looks like a cozy throw that's perfect to toss over a chair.

This one screams fall. I love that orange and the dusty blue accent.

I have always wanted a cashmere throw but I would use it so much it would end up with holes all in it. Someday! And I would have a problem choosing just one color from these....

I love the idea of using quilts but am not a fan of the country look. This one has amazing color and the large scale pattern gives it an updated look.

Everyone who knows me is always shocked to find out I don't have one of these yet (they all know my blanket situation). Maybe I will finally take the plunge and get one. I also like that this one from West Elm is machine washable because I would do the white.

Any other suggestions? Do you have any throws that you love that I should try out?
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