Monday, October 11, 2010

My Fall and Winter Essentials

I love when the weather starts to get cooler and there is that crisp feeling in the air. After the season changes into fall and the temps begin to dip I start to really form habits because of the cold.

Here are some of my fall and winter essentials that I can't live without.......

Cozy throws and blankets. I can't be without one when the temperature falls. I am actually a heavy blanket user all year but when its cooler I am always covered in one.

Earl Grey. Specifically Twinings Earl Grey. I am rarely without a cup of steam hot tea when its cold outside. So much so that I buy it in the large boxes so I don't have to go to the store for refills every week (the small boxes don't last very long)

Really thick socks. My feet are always ice cubes so as soon as I walk in the house I put on really thick socks. We have hardwoods throughout and these make it bearable to walk around when the floor is freezing.

Electric Blanket. Our house is freezing in the winter (old house with NO insulation) and I cannot survive without my electric blanket on my bed. Now, I don't sleep with it on because I hate the wires but I put it on my bed under the covers for about 20-30 minutes before I get in. Then I take it off. Problem solved.....toasty warm. It's the perfect solution to take the chill off the sheets.

Oatmeal. I don't know what it is...maybe wanting to feel all warm inside....but I love eating oatmeal when its cold outside. Hot Oatmeal! Sticks to your bones and warms you up instantly. During the week I usually do instant as I am running out the door but I try and eat the real stuff whenever we have time to make it. McCanns is our favorite and takes 20-30 minutes to cook, so we usually reserve that for weekends.

Soup. Thick hearty soups. Nuff said. I always crave soup all fall and winter. This year I plan on making a lot of soups so that I always have them available. I haven't done that in years past but this will be my new winter project. I am on the hunt for a recipe for Panera Bread's Chicken and Wild Rice. I could be hooked to an IV of that stuff...soooo good.

So, there you have it. My comfort list for the colder days to come.
Do you have any musts for when the cooler weather comes?

Images: Pottery Barn, Twinings, Knitpicks, Kohl's, McCanns,
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