Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's In The Details

It's the little things that draw us in. The unexpected details that stop us in our tracks. We flip through magazines and scroll through blogs. And there it is. That space that just calls to us.

The little vignettes and small details have us looking longer. We start to notice more as we look deeper and longer at the space.

That perfect lamp, or trim on that chair. The interesting moulding, or the plastered walls. The way that artwork seems to carry the room, or the one small vase in the corner that just stands out in the photograph.

All the gorgeous little details that keep us addicted to design. It takes talent to see the details and to implement them. The details are what makes a room great.

Sorry about the absence yesterday. I guess you could say I am deep in the land of details (literally...drawing furniture details). Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.

Are there any design details that always seem to catch your eye?

Images: House&Home, David Jiminez, KWID, Traditional Home
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