Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Inspired to Work {The Office}

I have been really honing in on what needs to happen with our home office. Primarily because it will be the new headquarters for Lissa Pierce Interior Design.

As I sift through all the fabulous ideas for stylish design offices I have come up with some that are definitely going to make there way into the plan for mine.

Inspiration board
I already use a bulletin board to pin things on both at home and at work. Unfortunately they are just that....bulletin boards. I would like to spiff mine up a bit like these three ladies did.

Large Desk
I have a large antique white desk on the way (actually a trade agreement between my sister and I) which has all the desk space I need. I may also do some type of console behind the desk as well because I am a piler.....I have stacks of stuff everywhere so keeping them on the console would keep the desk clean.

We already have a built in set of shelves in the room, but since we already have that maxed out due to lack of storage in the rest of the house, I will most likely have to get more shelving. I have my eye on the Ikea Expedit for now. I think that will provide a lot more storage for business stuff.

Comfortable Chair
Of course I have my wish list (eames management, aeron), but these are just not in the budget at the moment. Good thing they have knock offs.

The Finishing Touches
These I am not sure of yet. I have been keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect rug, desk lamp, and curtains. I am sure these will just fall into place. So, unfortunately you will have to wait to see the final space reveal for those.

I am very motivated to get this space done so I have an inspiring place to work. And I need to start getting all this business stuff organized. So, stay tuned, completed pics should be up soon!

Images: Bryn Alexandra, Urban Grace Interiors, FTRB, Design Sponge, Design Sponge, Design Sponge, Notebook Magazine, Emily A. Clark, Design Sponge, Suzanne Kasler, Emily Henderson, Celerie Kembel, Mary McDonald, Ted Yarwood,
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