Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Country Living Fair

This past weekend we took my husbands parents to the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain. The weather was amazing and we had a great time just walking around looking at everything. We stuck to the vendor tents and missed all the demo's and lectures. My husband wanted to see the demo on grits but we were so busy looking around that when we looked at the time it was over! Oops.

The vendors were just what you would think to find at the Country Living Fair. There were crafts, antique dealers, and furniture makers. We didn't end up buying anything but did see a lot of neat ideas and products.

Lots of people had made these fabric pumpkins. This lady had the best fabrics and her's came in all different sizes. I loved the plaids the best! (Sorry didn't get the vendors name!...so bad)

We all loved these drift wood trees! The man made them in a bunch of sizes and even had the homemade ornaments. This tree was huge! Very cool idea and we all wanted to get one for the cabin we have in the mountains. (Again bad and didn't get any vendors!!!)

This man also had these cool roof vent pendants.

And typewriter key magnets. I should have bought some of these but this could be a really easy diy.

I was also on the hunt for small accent tables. I saw this one but it was a touch too big for where I need it. Took the picture, came back and it was gone! Should have bought that but I guess someone else has a better spot for it!

A great time was had by all! These were just some of my favorite ideas but there was sooooo much to take in with all the different vendors they had. Most of the stuff was not really my style but there were great ideas non the less.

We ended up spending half the day there and then came home for a rest before dinner. A much needed rest!

Images: Me
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