Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Real, Fake, Or Just Plain Creative

Have you seen all the print ads for Armstrong Flooring's laminate floors? Such a creative idea when your tag line is "It Only Looks Like The Real Thing"..........

Bruce Lee

Janis Joplin


Sammy Davis Jr.

Judy Garland

James Dean

Gilda Radner

Louis Armstrong

Katherine Hepburn

Lucille Ball

Marlon Brando

I love these ads. I remember the first time I saw one and had to do a major double take! Not on the floors, but on the person. It really gets me thinking about advertising and all the creativity that goes into coming up with a successful campaign that will draw people in.

That also brings me to the topic of laminate flooring itself. I am not a huge fan but have never really used it anywhere either. Does anyone have laminate floors and love them?

Maybe it's just me but, I don't like the sound it makes when you walk on them. My advice if putting in wood or "wood-like" flooring, and money is the issue, you should save up a bit more and get an engineered hardwood (Armstrong makes that too). But, can you can also never go wrong with the real thing!!!!!

Images: Armstrong Flooring
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