Monday, September 13, 2010

The Power of Some New Black Pants

Since I have had this "let's do this" mentality lately, I decided to take a look at my wardrobe as well. I can't help but multitask myself to death.

At some point in the next couple of weeks I want to go through everything I own as I transition my summer wardrobe into my fall/winter wardrobe. This will be the first step in getting rid of all the junk and concentrating on creating a wardrobe that consists of well made staples and statement pieces with pizazz. Every designer needs to reflect an air of creativity and trust me when I tell wardrobe now does no such thing.

It all started when Gap came out with their new black pants....I know, it's the simple things. I have been wanting to go check them out for weeks. My sister and I went this past weekend and found out that all the pants were on sale for only $35! Yeah! Let's just say we took advantage. I came home with these......

Slim Crop Pants

The Perfect Trouser in Grey

Always Skinny Jean in Saturated Dark Wash

Basics. And much needed. It's amazing what some new pants can do to a girls motivation!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Anyone have exciting news from it?
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