Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Don't Forget The Ceiling

At a party this past weekend I noticed a room in the home we were at that was a very good example of how an un-neglected ceiling could have a huge impact on a space. The space was actually a transition space between a large kitchen with seating area and a large screened in porch. It was more of a pass through that had very little free wall space due to a stair and lots of windows. Sorry I have no picture!

So, to bring color into the space they painted the ceiling red. Yes, Red. It was a great way to bring the color, which was also sprinkled throughout the home, into a room that would have otherwise been void and overlooked.

I then went back through all of my picture files and searched for great spaces with great ceilings......

Painting the ceiling an accent color seemed to be the norm...I love these with sky blue.

And then actually taking the wall color up to the ceiling as well.

Then there is actually using a bold pop of color (like the red mentioned above).

Painted Stripes

Or Wallpaper.
Love how this one adds pattern to the room.

Trim Moulding

And Wood (flooring, planks, etc.)

Heavy Ornamentation

And then last but not least.....beetles. Yes, beetles! I found this awhile back and was like...what!!!!?
Close Up shot of the ceiling
The beetle

So, as you can see, anything goes!!! And its a great way to add a statement to any space that needs it. Anyone have any fabulous ceilings in their homes?

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