Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back To School

Fall is in the air and labor day has passed. Time for back to school.

I was born and raised in Richmond, VA and back to school was always the day after Labor Day.
I always looked forward to the 1st day back and then by the 2nd day was ready for summer again. The excitement was over pretty fast. I think the build up of getting new clothes, new supplies, and telling myself that I would be more organized and apply myself was what made it all so great. I never had a problem waking up for the 1st day and would get dressed and go downstairs to eat a big breakfast. That of course would slowly dwindle away as the days passed. I would end up getting out of bed 5 minutes before I had to leave, throw something on, and run out the door. Oh well. Nothing like the 1st day.

Since it is officially the 1st week of school I decided to pick up some new things just for old times sake.......

New Portfolio
Bella Portfolio from See Jane Work

New Paper Storage
Semicolon Storage Boxes from Container Store

Cute New Pens
Jonathan Adler Pens from See Jane Work

Pretty Card Index
Silver Card Index from See Jane Work

New Pencil Cup and Letter Sorter
Brocade Letter Sorter & Pencil Cup from Container Store

Vintage Looking Stapler
Ace Pilot Stapler from See Jane Work

Colorful Binders for all my new subjects(ummm...clients)
Semicolon Binders from See Jane Work

Tons of #2's

And Last but not least.....a new outfit. I always wore a dress to school on the 1st day (no reason...just always did). This one might be a bit short especially with heels but since I am a grown up now I can get away with it. Then I can go out after for drinks to celebrate a fabulous 1st day.

Short Sleeve Lace Dress from Zara

Did you have any 1st day of school traditions when you were growing up? Were you excited to go back to school after a long hot summer or did you dread it?

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