Thursday, September 9, 2010

15 Things That Make Any Bedroom Guest Ready

I have been doing some major thinking about guest bedrooms lately because ours needs a major overhaul. Right now, our second bedroom is stuffed with leftover furniture and just doesn't feel cozy. To be honest I don't even think I would want to stay in there as a guest!

This got me thinking about things I would love to have when staying in someone's home. Things that would make it feel more personal and I was at my own home. I also took my experience in hotel design and pulled some of those elements as well. So, here are 10 things I think you need and will be doing to bring our guestroom up to par.

1. Comfortable Mattress and Bedding
This one we have covered (at least in the case of the mattress). The mattress in our 2nd bedroom is very comfortable. Now all I need to do is get some new sheets. I always have great luck on I always find great prices on there...especially because I usually get white sheets. I also am an advocate for the highest thread count you can afford. I like to do 400 thread count sheets for our guest bedroom. I do 800TC for our bedroom (sorry I'm a TC snob). I feel okay doing a lower TC in the guest bedroom because people don't sleep in there every night and rub the fibers.

2. Draperies or Shades to Darken Windows
We have wood blinds in all the rooms at the back of the house. The guest bedroom is however on the east side of the house so it gets the bright direct morning sun. I am going to also install drapery with blackout lining that can be pulled closed if the guest likes the room pitch black or likes to sleep in late. 

3. Bedside Lamp for Reading
Nuff said. I like to read in bed so I would like to have a lamp that would help me do that.

4. Extra Blankets
Lots of people feel temperature differently. Extra blankets will allow people to add more cover if they are cold. Or they could also use the blankets for naps instead of getting under the full bed covers.

5. Fan or Thermostat Access
Again with people feeling temperature differently. In our guestroom we have a ceiling fan. I would love to take it down and put up a lovely pendant but I think keeping it would allow those hot natured guests an option to cool the room down even more.

6. Alarm Clock
I am an extremely heavy sleeper so I need an alarm clock (or my husband) to wake me.  When I am staying at someones home I still use an alarm clock to wake me up. Even if I set it for 10am and happen to wake up before that it makes me feel better that I won't sleep the day away. Nothing is worse than sleeping 2 or more hours longer than everyone else. I have done that before and I was quite embarrassed.

7. Luggage Rack or Bench
This is one of those things I have taken from hotel rooms. No one wants to put the dirty suitcase on the bed. This way it also doesn't have to be on the floor. Some people still choose to keep everything in their suitcases so this keeps it off the floor and easily accessible.

8. Books & Magazines

A few books and magazines are always appreciated by me when I am staying at someones home. I also plan on putting some location specific books and magazines on Atlanta in our guest bedroom. Depending on how long a guest stays sometimes they may want some free time to themselves and this gives them something to read if they haven't brought something of their own.

9. Toiletry/Essentials Basket
When people travel nine times out of ten someone has forgotten something. Having things like extra tooth brushes and razors is always essential. I even provide things like an extra hair dryer and pain medicine. Stocking a basket with drug store essentials will instantly make people feel more at home. Especially if they are one of the ones who forgot something.

10. Drawer and Hanging Space
Some people like to unpack to make themselves feel more at home. Providing at least one drawer and some hanging space is absolutely necessary. Even if you only have a hook on the back of the door that is better than nothing. I like to have some empty closet space to free up the hooks for towels and coats. I have plans to use a small dresser in our guestroom with a large mirror above.

11. Water Glass & Pitcher
Having a small pitcher and glasses for water let guests fill up in the kitchen and keep water in their room. We even have the set shown above from Crate&Barrel but a small pitcher and pretty glass will work just as well.

12. Fluffy Towels
 And lots of them. I provide multiple sets with the extras being on a shelf in the closet.

13. Fresh Flowers
Domino Magazine
Just a nice touch for the nightstand or dresser. Makes the space feel special and that you are a special person visiting.

14. Something Sweet
Why not. You get a small chocolate at luxury hotels. Why not provide a small dish with chocolates or mints for ending the night. Just that something extra that says thanks for coming and staying with us.

15. Pen & Stationary
This allows guests to jot down notes or even write a thank you note for their stay.

With all these things in our guestroom something tells me we will have lots of visitors!!!! Is there anything you love when you stay at someones home? Have you ever stayed anywhere that had nice unexpected luxuries in your room?

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