Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

{The Boss of You}

I read the best book while I was on my little vacay. I am going to start by saying that you must read this book if you have plans (or dreams) of starting your own business.

The Boss of You is by far the best entrepreneur help read I have ever had my paws on. I not only got so much information out of it, but also was more than entertained and am now even more inspired to kick my business dreams into high gear.

The book is written by two ladies, Lauren Bacon and Emira Mears, who own and run the web studio Raised Eyebrow. So not only do they know what they are talking about, they have been practicing it for 8 years! They also have a great blog where they dish out even more business savvy info and also have updated resources for us starter-uppers. begin!
Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Simply Classic

I love the home of designer Paul Corrie featured in the October issue of Traditional Home. To me the whole space is simple, classic, and feels cozy and livable. It has that magazine quality appearance every designer dreams of for their home (or at least I do).

Take a look....

I don't know what it is about the clean and classic design I am so drawn to. I love the look, but when I am in my own home I crave color and lately even pattern. Even with all that in my own space I still love the crisp feel and simple aesthetic of this classic design style.

Do you find your self drawn towards this clean and classic look, or something with more pattern and pizazz?

Images: All scanned by me from October 2010 Traditional Home Magazine

Monday, September 27, 2010

Back and Ready to Conquer The World

Or Something Like That.......

So, the beach trip was a huge success....especially on the rejuvenation front. I read, slept like I hadn't had sleep in years, and ate the most amazing food....seafood! Crab legs, fish, shrimp, and bowls of steaming mussels.

We had grand plans (in our minds) to do things like to go to neighboring beach towns, and see the aquarium that was there. No such things were done. Instead we just sat there.....and enjoyed every minute. We all woke up when we wanted and wandered out to the beach.....reading, having long conversations, and collecting shells. It was heaven, and as I write this I want to be back there.

I dreaded this morning having to wake up to an alarm, go into work, and do things. But, I am rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world to get back to the grind. I have cleared my head and am ready to hit the ground running.

Lots to do and even more plans in my head...........
Hope you stick around. Things should get interesting!

Images: Me

Friday, September 17, 2010

Finally, the time has come......

.......I am going to the beach for a week! A much needed vacation where I can catch up on reading, sleep, get some sun, and eat good food. All while spending quality time with my husband and family.

I have a stack of magazines, a couple books, and of course my computer to read blogs of course. I'll be reading and commenting on all your lovely blogs but may not post anything...unless there is something I am soooo inspired by. Otherwise I will be back to my regular posting in two weeks...after complete relaxation and rejuvenation has occurred.

Have a great weekend and next week and I'll see you guys back here later!

Image: Brian Auer

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Art Addiction {Robert Joyner}

While doing an art search for some clients I came across the dynamic art of Robert Joyner.

I love his abstract style and the movement he portrays with each and every brush stroke......


"Farm Dweller"


"Crack That Whip No.2"

"Abstract Nude on Gray"

"Mixed Media Horse Heads"

"Fishing Boats in Virginia No.3"

"On The Run No.3"

These are just a few of my favorites. I am partial to his abstract cows. Make sure you stop by his etsy shop to check out the rest. There are tons of great pieces using an array of mediums and visual subjects.

Images: Robert Joyner via Etsy

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Daydreaming: Porches

Now that the weather has cooled down a bit it is officially the best time to really enjoy the outdoors here in Atlanta. The spring and fall are really the times when our front porch gets used the most and the windows on the front of the house get opened.

Earlier this year I had made plans to revamp our front porch over the summer so it would be ready to enjoy. I wrote about that here.

Well, none of that happened (such is life) and we are now ready to enjoy it as is.

So, instead of being miffed about another project that was never started, I can look at these inspiration pictures and imagine that I am there instead (while sitting on my own porch of course)......

So, porch revamp back on this list for next year!
Now that the cooler air is coming in how are you enjoying it?

Images: All via My Home Ideas (Cooking Light, 2-5 Coastal Living, Cottage Living, 7-9 Southern Living)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just Thinking......

Sorry but this would creep me out with all those people staring at me.....

Reminds me of when you are in museums and the paintings follow you!

Image: Apartment Therapy

Don't Forget The Ceiling

At a party this past weekend I noticed a room in the home we were at that was a very good example of how an un-neglected ceiling could have a huge impact on a space. The space was actually a transition space between a large kitchen with seating area and a large screened in porch. It was more of a pass through that had very little free wall space due to a stair and lots of windows. Sorry I have no picture!

So, to bring color into the space they painted the ceiling red. Yes, Red. It was a great way to bring the color, which was also sprinkled throughout the home, into a room that would have otherwise been void and overlooked.

I then went back through all of my picture files and searched for great spaces with great ceilings......

Painting the ceiling an accent color seemed to be the norm...I love these with sky blue.

And then actually taking the wall color up to the ceiling as well.

Then there is actually using a bold pop of color (like the red mentioned above).

Painted Stripes

Or Wallpaper.
Love how this one adds pattern to the room.

Trim Moulding

And Wood (flooring, planks, etc.)

Heavy Ornamentation

And then last but not least.....beetles. Yes, beetles! I found this awhile back and was like...what!!!!?
Close Up shot of the ceiling
The beetle

So, as you can see, anything goes!!! And its a great way to add a statement to any space that needs it. Anyone have any fabulous ceilings in their homes?

Images: House&Home, Domino, Domino, House Beautiful, Sara Story, Betsy Burnham, Jenna Lyons/Domino, Living Etc., Lonny, House&Home, Architectural Digest, Tracery Interiors, Brooklyn Home Company, Sarah Richardson/Tommy Smythe, Harper Sandilands, Via If The Lampshade Fits, Jan Fabre
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