Friday, August 13, 2010

Yeah!!!! Friday At Last

I hope everyone is ready for a fabulous weekend! I know I am....this week has inched along. I have plans to do some things around the house, and my sister is dropping her HUGE dog off to stay with us for the week. Other than that I plan to sleep in, eat well, and relax as much as possible....all while staying out of the heat. I melt when I go outside and I am so ready for some slightly cooler weather, or even a breeze!

I know I promised earlier in the week to get some before pics of my house up. I took them on Tuesday and have not had the chance to even load them on my computer yet! Busy, busy. I hope to get them posted this afternoon or tomorrow, depending on how much color tweaking I may have to do...our house is soooo dark right now. Getting those posted will definitely get me in gear to get started on the changes I want to make so that I can show you the afters!

Have a great weekend and try to stay cool if you are one of the many unfortunate people that are located in this southern heat!

Image: Unknown - Let me know if you do!
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