Thursday, August 19, 2010

Streaming Sunlight

As August quickly slips away I can't help but think of the cooler days ahead (can't wait!) and the changing light of fall.  Fall, where the sun no longer streams into the windows with such intensity. Fall, when the days are shorter and the light is dim.

Because this summer seemed to blow by I have been looking back on all the images I have collected that have that streaming, sunny, summery feel.

I know, I know, I seem to be writing a lot about light, bright, sunny, spaces but I just can't help it. I crave them and don't feel like I have one of my own right now. My home is somewhat dark in feeling and my office cubicle, well I won't even go there! I constantly look at images and love them because of the bright cheery feeling they provide me.

Summer will be gone soon and along with it the intense sun that fills these spaces. At least we are lucky enough to have inspiration images to tide us over till spring and summer roll around next year.

Images: House to Home, Domino, FLOR, Just Be Splendid, Kathryn Ireland, Samantha Pynn, Samantha Pynn, Thomas O'Brien, Elle Decor, Courtney Giles, Betsy Burnham

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