Monday, August 9, 2010

Some Thoughts and a Designer Project: Jessica Helgerson

I can't stop looking at one particular home that Jessica Helgerson has done....

I know some of you have seen this home circling around blog land but I thought I would share it again since I love it so much.

The home is a traditional four square located just outside of Portland. I can't stop looking because it is very similar to my house and is true inspiration for what I would love the house we are in to be. I say be because we are renting and cannot renovate to achieve this full look. I do however take a lot of inspiration from the light and airy-ness of the spaces and how uncluttered it feels.

I love the white walls, dark trim, and dark floors. Seeing this space makes me want to paint our walls white even more. We already have dark wood floors (though not as dark as these) and our interior doors and built-ins at the fireplace are painted a dark coffee color. Unfortunately there is no way I could paint all the rest of the trim to match.....for one thing I am just too lazy to do that, and I don't think our landlord would be too pleased. But, the walls are all mine.....white they are going!

I love how simple and clean it all looks. I especially love how in the foyer picture above the lighting is the main design element. Everything is so simple and then the light coming from the pendant just dances across the walls. Jessica does a fabulous job at choosing fixtures that achieve this same look in many of her projects.

I am at such a crossroads with the way I would like our home to feel and look. One day I want clean, crisp, and all white......the next day I want a clean slate with pops of color and pattern throughout. Ahhhh.....this is when I wished I had multiple homes (HA...this coming from someone who doesn't even own one!). But, after last week and having all my design colleagues over it has really got me thinking about making some real changes.

My husband and I have decided we will remain in our house for another year and then really start looking at buying  place of our own (where I can tear down walls!). Until then I am going to work with and do the best with what we have. I am also going to get over my fear of posting our home and what I am doing. This will get me motivated to keep on track with projects and completely finish them. So weird how you can finish things for others but never finish things for yourself....Hummph.

So here is to new beginnings and finishing a project for me! Tonight I am going to photograph our house and show the before on here....yeah I know it's only a before but it will hold me accountable to get some changes made to show you guys.

Definitely go and check out the rest of Jessica's portfolio here. She has some amazing projects and does them all in a Eco conscious way. She even has great green advise and Eco material information on her site. Maybe one of her projects will inspire you to make big changes as well.

Images: All images via Jessica Helgerson Interior Design
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