Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kitchen Basics - Martha Style

Have you seen this article in the September Martha Stewart Living?
Only in my dreams would I have a kitchen this organized and pulled together!!!!

In the article Martha gives her 50 top kitchen tips and if it's coming from the queen of home, I listen!

We already follow some of the tips in our kitchen like........
#3 Setting up Stations - baking, coffee, etc.
#6 Customizing Storage with dividers, movable shelves etc.
#9 Keeping towels handy by using hooks and rods
#29 Be Savvy with your pantry by grouping like items together
#39 Keep a step ladder in the kitchen
#43 Keep spoons and such stove side........

But, by no means does it look this good!

Yeah, our step ladder is propped against the side of the cabinet. This is a great customized hidden spot!

And of course the be all end all to any fabulously organized kitchen (and I would expect no less from Martha) is to have a place for everything and everything be in its place.

I can only imagine having this much valuable storage to organize all our things to perfection! Our items are no where near as organized and I can honestly say that we have just about ever single item shown above in our kitchen (my husband loves to cook). Someday, in our dream custom kitchen we will have this all happening.

Until then we will do the best with what we've got and use her tips to the best or our abilities. Well, to an extent....I don't think I have it in me to be this organized (it's got to be genetic)!

So, anyone have a kitchen this organized? Care to share and make us all jealous?

Oh, and for all of the rest of us, have no fear, if you don't have the magazine, all the tips can be found here (or at least some of them anyway).

Images: Martha Stewart
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