Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Designer Friends and Misc. Thoughts

Whoa...all the off the grid stuff was great and I still want to continue the "No Internet" through the rest of the week!
But alas...this poor blog can't be left to fend for itself! It needs constant attention and loves to be uploaded with beautiful pictures.....

Anyway....I am having quite a week. New projects at work are keeping me busy, a couple of new side projects for new clients, and trying to finish up a few projects in my own home! Thus the appeal of my disappearance!!!!

My house is driving me crazy and to make matters worse I have a group of former work colleagues coming over tomorrow night for cocktails and nibbles.

Designer work colleagues.

The ones who know what they are looking at and have amazing homes themselves!

I have major anxiety about them seeing my house even though I know they don't care. We are all designers and we all know the process and how things are never done and always changing. Humph.....still a feeling of uneasiness is surrounding me. I spent last night reworking a couple of things (i.e. moving things around) hoping that I would be satisfied with the outcome. Nada.

And then I thought.....This is where I take my own advice that I have given to so many others.....

Get Over It!!!

They are not there to see your house, they are there to see you and spend time with each other! That's it, I feel better already.

Although I still have tonight to keep moving things around.......

and the anxiety continues......Please tell me I am not the only one who would feel this way in the current situation!

Oh well. It will all be over when they all arrive and we have a great time!

Images: Decor Pad, David Jiminez, Unknown, Southern Accents
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