Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beside The Bed

The topic of bedside tables has come up lately in our house and my husband and I have had discussions about what we would want and need in a functional bedside table.

What do you like in a bedside table? Do you prefer a functional surface with lots of storage, or do you just need a lamp, small vase with flowers, and a spot for a glass of water? Or, do you lean more towards one of these?........

Simple and Clean

Large with Open Storage

Small with a Wall Sconce

Small with No light


Mixed Set


Found Objects



Or No Table At All

I personally want my side to be a combination bedside table and vanity so I can kill two birds with one stone.
I also like to read in bed so I have books, magazines, pens, and note paper on my side. So, part of my new table will need to have some storage for that as well. I would really like for everything to be put away when not in use so when we have people over it looks clean and simple.

My husband just wants to make sure he has one drawer and that's about all he had to say. That's really all he needs as he is not a bedside table "junker" like I am. I do however think he needs a chest with multiple drawers so he has a bit more storage for clothes.

So, any thoughts? Does what you have beside the bed already work for you, or are you also in need of a change?

Images: Kendall Wilkinson, Unknown, Domino, Metropolitan Home, Unknown, Unknown, Donna Griffith, House Beautiful, House Beautiful, Andreas Charalambous, Unknown, Design Sponge, Samantha Pynn, Atlanta Homes Magazine
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