Saturday, August 14, 2010

Before {Our Home}

Living Room

As are some photos of how our house looks now. I am actually really glad that I did this because it lets me see our "stuff" in a whole different way! I have lots of work to do to get things light...bright....and a bit more eclectic in feeling. We have been so busy since we moved in last year that I feel like things have just been thrown together in some places.

Living Room

The house is a traditional 1920's bungalow that was aesthetically renovated at some point (I think early 90's?) by the owners...who lived in the house for awhile before turning it into a rental. It has great bones, great mouldings, and the space is great for my husband and I (and future small dog). We moved in and did nothing...just moved our stuff in.

Dining Room

The majority of our furniture is a collection of hand me downs and pieces we had growing up. We haven't really had any major furniture purchases as a couple thus far. We have been lucky to have generous relatives and have lived with all of those gifts up to this point. Some of the pieces we love and will keep but some we have just grown out of and want to upgrade to something more "us".


I am very excited by the whole process (being a designer and all), but I am surprised that my husband really wants to get his input in as well. Up until now he has been mute about it all and really hasn't had much of an opinion. His main thing is of course keeping the cost low and that works for me!


You all know how it will be a process. I'm not sure how long it will take to at least get things to enough of a progress stage to show an "after". If it were up to me there would never be an after because I change things around so much and move things. But, since this is a lesson for me, I will do my best to start and keep projects moving!

Guest Bedroom

I have so many ideas running through my head, some that will be easy to implement quickly, and some that will take awhile. I even have one or two projects already underway! We are in a rental so all of the projects will be things that will come along with us when we move later. So that leaves furniture, lighting, paint, and accessories. The shell will stay as is (I have completely renovated this house in my head though!).

Master Bedroom

So, I hope I didn't scare you away with the (dun dun dun) before pictures and that you stick around to see all the changes in store. I continually find inspiration from all of the blogs I read including those of you who leave comments and stop by here. I only hope that someday I can provide the same inspiration to someone else. 

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