Thursday, July 8, 2010

{Simple} White Walls

Lately, I am really gravitating towards the look of white walls.

The longer we live in our house, the darker it feels, and what could brighten the place up like some white walls........

Something about this look just makes everything seem so simple.

That's what I need right now....some simplification. Maybe the white walls will do it for me......or maybe not.......but either way I just need to stop the procrastination and do it already.

I know, I know, I am a design blogger. I should want to be doing all these fun home improvement projects, post all my new painted furniture, and show you all the new pillows on my sofa.

But alas I am still trying to figure out juggling this blog, my job, and time with my family and friends.

Don't fret. I promise at some point I will get my &^%* together and post some of that wonderful stuff everyone wants to see....hahaha.....or maybe not.

Until then, don't be surprised to see some simple things on here. Simple like white walls.......

Images: Diane Bergeron, Decor Pad, Via FTRB, Unknown, Unknown ----I know really lame of me
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