Thursday, July 22, 2010

Must Have

 Mandarin Rug in Pewter by Company C

I have been doing an extensive search for some new rugs to place in a couple of rooms in my house.

This one has all that I am looking for.......bright color, neutral background, and a large scale pattern.
Now I am having a problem deciding if I should put this one in my office or the guest bedroom.....if I put it in the guest bedroom I would have to rework the bedding I was thinking about (was thinking the dwell peacock in yellow).

In the office would probably work better because it is a clean slate in there and I would design the rest around the rug. Hmm...then there's that pesky price to think about. The 6x9 is $1160 and would be a stretch but with this much impact I could make it work.

Image: Company C
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