Sunday, July 11, 2010

{Matisse} and Making Revisions

This past week I read an article on the New York Times Art & Design page about an exhibit that was shown earlier this year at the Art Institute of Chicago. The article discusses the concept that Matisse made revisions over time to some of his most famous works.

Hearing this made me smile. It just reiterates the fact that art and design are ever evolving and when you are no longer evolving your own style and aesthetic you have in a word...quit.

Matisse "Bathers by a River"

The exhibit is centered around 26 of Matisse's pieces that the curators studied using some of the latest high tech technology such as digital scanning and ultraviolet lighting. They discovered that not only did Matisse constantly change coloration of his pieces, but he also frequently changed the line work and composition.

As designers we work somewhat in the same way.......or at least I do.
Overtime my style has evolved. I see it as a result of not only taste changes but also changes in sophistication and knowing more of what is out there. I feel that when I stop evolving as a designer I mine as well hang the towel and get an administrative job (not that there's anything wrong with those jobs....just not my cup of tea).

My worst challenge is my own home. I am constantly moving things around, wanting to change colors, and just overall wishing I could start from scratch. It drives my husband crazy.

I relish the days when someone asks me to help them out with their home or I get to start a new project at work (day job). These are the days when I get to start out with a new color everything.
This is my favorite part of being a designer.

Matisse "The Moroccans"

Hearing that even famous artists are the same way is such a relief. Even though we all probably knew that anyway, it is a comfort. There are times few and far between where making so many changes, and not being able to decide between this chair or that chair, can make you feel like you may not know what you are doing.

But rest easy...............if the big names do it..........why can't you.

See the article about the exhibit and art examining process here.
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