Thursday, July 29, 2010

Finding Accessible Original Art

My husband and I recently had a discussion about the type of home and decor we hope to have someday. Part of the conversation stemmed from a recent gallery hop we did and that we would like to collect more original art when we have the funds to do so.

This got me really thinking that maybe we don't need funds to get started and that really all we need is to have the desire to put original art in our home. Right now we have a mix of some original pieces won at art auctions and from friends/family, but we also still have some mass produced posters and prints as well.

Me and the Hubs with one of our Auction Wins - "By Moonlight" by Jennifer Jones

So.......the conversation got me motivated and I have been hunting throughout the web to see if and where I could find some original art that won't break the bank. I did a search for original art under $100. I thought that price cap would be a good start and then work from there.

Everyone knows that Etsy is a great place to go for art, or better yet anything handmade. I have never bought anything from an Esty seller but I always look there for original pieces for client projects and just plain ol' inspiration. The search is easy and can go on for hours....I can lose and afternoon just looking around Etsy at all the stuff! Here are a couple of art pieces and photographs I found under $100.....

"sq011" by Anmimo

"Birds and Bees" by EarthArt

"Waiting" by BrainFood

U Gallery is another online site where you can find artwork by emerging artists. It was started by three friends who studied art history in college. Their site sells only art pieces, using all mediums, and some sculpture. To place your art on their site you must apply and pass a review process. This gives the site a gallery feel but with a lot more artists all over the globe. Again, here are some pieces I found for under $100.......

"Always Get, We Get" by Sarah Capshaw

"Fast Forward" by Rebecca Rousseau

"Lucca" by Chelsea Fisher

"Cold Wind" by Alice Lipping

Zatista is another online art mecca. They tout their "original art, no reproductions" motto and state that they are helping to connect the artist and the art lover. The site was started when the owner needed art to fill the walls of his home but didn't know where to begin. All he could find online were reproductions and he wanted something more original. The site has a great search page, art buying education, and even a Guest Curator series where designers and artist put together their favorites. Here are some of their under $100 choices.......

"Forest Falling" by Rea Nagel

"Gettin' Washed" by Carolyn Finnel

"Fishing Pier" by Barbara Andolsek

"View From My Window" by Jean Lurssen

Art quiver is a smaller site specializing in original contemporary art and has a much more limited selection. They are also a site that takes only artists through application. The site is very easy to navigate and also provides assistance if needed. They did not have any pieces under $100 but I did find some great art for under $500......I know, I know above the price range for the search but great art does sometimes cost a bit more.

"Landscape 4" by Kelly Berry

 "Pear Colors With Outline" by Susan Singer
 "Summer Chairs" by Elaine Hurst

"Golden Grove" by Terry Ouimet

I realized that with my $100 cap I only found small pieces but there is some great small art out there at  very attainable prices. Even at the low price of a print you can find an original piece that you love, and that no one else will have. Then as funds become more plentiful you can start adding the larger pieces you love.

All this art searching has not only provided motivation to get some better art in our lives, but also to step in up in the design of our house. Luxury does not have to cost a lot of money and to me luxury is having original art.

Do any of you have some original pieces that you love in your home? I would love to see some pictures!

Images: all images from online artists/sellers as listed under each website and art piece
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