Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thibaut {Shangri-La}

I just got my first glimpse of the new Thibaut Shangri-La wallcovering and fabric collection. I am in love! Here are a few shots of some of my favorites....

Ting Yuan Wallpaper, Anafi Fabric

I love this chinoiserie print. It just seems less fussy to me compared to others I have seen. Maybe it's the cream background but the other colorways have the same feeling. I love how that pop of red adds some contrast to the otherwise light pallet. Though it is patterned it still appears light and airy. And I adore all the little animals and bugs throughout. Here is a close-up.

Kawazu Wallpaper

I love this all over pattern. So delicate yet makes quite a statement. Even more so in the charcoal colorway...

Ivana Wallcovering, Jakarta Fabric

I love how feminine this pattern feels. It is sophisticated enough to not feel too girly. This would be amazing though in a little girls room to bring it up a notch. I am not really loving any of the other colorways on this one. They are all okay but they don't have the impact that the coral and turquoise does.

And I saved the best for last.......
Devon Wallpaper

This is my favorite from the collection. Some may disagree and think it is too grandma, but if mixed with the right furniture in the room this could be a knockout. Of course it would also be perfect in a small space like powder room. The large scale birds make this pattern current and not so dated. I like the metallic gold colorway the best....some of the others just go flat.

Go here and check out the rest of the patterns, fabrics, and all of the colorways. Good stuff.

All Images: Thibaut
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