Friday, June 11, 2010


Don't you hate that? You search all over, finally find something you love, and then find out it's Discontinued! I have been on a hunt for some lamps for my dining room credenza for quite awhile now. I found these......

Currey & Company Adagio Table Lamp

......Fell in love instantly......Then found out they are discontinued! @x&%*#. I did a search online and no one has them in stock except for a company called Luna Lighting....for the low low cost of $491.00 each! What! That is crazy. I have the catalog sitting right here with net pricing and I will not pay that crazy mark-up.

Now I can't find anything I love so I am back to the waiting game and having no lamps in the dining room. I went back to Currey & Company and saw a couple that I like but not as much as the 1st ones.....

Francesca Table Lamp                  

Glasgow Table Lamp

Debonair Table Lamp

Maybe I should sit with these awhile and see if I fall in love.....I'll keep you posted when I finally make a decision. Also, if you have never heard of Currey you definitely need to go check out their site. They have great lighting, faux bois furniture, and some interesting accessories.

All Images: Currey & Company

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