Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Can You Find Your Style In One Picture?"

Ally over at From The Right Bank has enlisted all us bloggers out there to tackle the "What's Your Style In One Picture Challenge!".
Initially I thought about not participating because doing so would be too difficult for me. Find your style in one picture? Are you kidding me? This was going to be a challenge indeed.......

I poured through countless photos that I have saved and narrowed it down to a select few....But they were all so good! I couldn't choose just one. Then I decided to take a look again and saw that in some there would be maybe one or two things I might change. Yeah! That narrowed me down even more until I finally came to the conclusion that this was the one.

This picture definitely sums it all up. The more I look at it the more I love it. The furniture, the rug, the amazing ceiling height.... I am in love with the mix of styles. From the tulip coffee table and Eames molded plastic chair, all the way to the roll arm sofa and chair. Even the cute little wood stool.

I love the bookshelves and the way they are using an old wood painters ladder. I wish I had that much storage for our books because then I wouldn't have to talk myself out of buying more. And when you want to clean up the view you just pull the most beautiful color green curtain straight across!

I love this picture so much because it looks like I could already live there! All the way down to the Pellegrino bottle and take out on the coffee table. It's pulled together and neat but feels cozy and lived in...even with the ceiling height. I only hope someday I can live in an expansive space such as this but make it feel this homey.

I absolutely urge you to go and take the challenge. You may be surprised that you too can find your style in one photo! Even if you don't take the challenge you should definitely stop by From The Right Bank and check out all the entries along with the rest of Ally's blog. There is some great inspiration there!

Image: Domino
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